Bengal Kings

Hofficer Gentelman de Griffes de Feu of Amazon Bengals
(AKA Tuff) Tuff is a Brown Spotted Bengal

Nores King of Amazon Bengals
Norse is a Silver Spotted Bengal
Nores King comes to us from Rowen Bengals

CH Simply Blessed Owen of Cavscout
Owen is a Seal Lynx Point Spotted Bengal

CH Tecspot Magic in Motion “Shazam”
Shazam is visiting us from Cavscout Bengals. Shazam is a Brown Spotted Bengal who carries for Charcoal
Sire: Elysor Dream Catcher
Dam: CH Tecspot Shadow of the Moonlight

CH Metastar Mocan
Mocan is our movie star! Mocan was in the February 2012 edition of the Allure magazine with Jennifer Connoly! We are so proud of him!
Sire: RW SGC Metastar Merlin
Dam: Metastar Magrathia

Future Kings of Amazon Bengals

Cowboy is a Silver Charcoal Bengal

Bugatti Royal
Bugatti is a Seal Mink Spotted Bengal

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