About Us

We are breeders of Bengal Cats & Kittens. Our Bengal Cattery is a Reputable registered cattery member in good standing with The International Cat Association (TICA). We are Bengal Cat Breeders in Texas producing quality Bengal cats and kittens. Our cattery and ranch is located in Oakwood, TX.

While we do encourage new pet buyers to visit our cattery WE ONLY ALLOW VISITORS BY SCHEDULED APPOINTMENTS. No exceptions.

We are 15 miles East of Fairfield, between Corsican and Palestine and 75 miles South-East of Dallas, TX.

We have close family connections and serve the Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Abilene and Houston Texas areas. We do ship internationally to many destinations.

We are focused on breeding cutting-edge brown spotted, silver spotted, lynx spotted/rosettes Bengals. We are fully committed to continued improvement of the Bengal breed.

Our cattery is spacious and entertaining for our Bengals. Our breeding philosophy is based on breeding ethically and with the highest standards for superior health, temperament, structure and cutting edge patterns –

“quality over quantity”

We believe strongly that the way Bengal kittens are raised determines how they are going to be. We at Amazon Bengals Cattery believe our babies should all be raised by their mother with human hands on them from DAY ONE and they will go into their new homes social and healthy and settle right in as if they have been there all along.

We work hard from the very beginning at litter box training and we have not had a problem with our cats/kittens having litter box issues.

It is extremely important that you keep up with the socialization of your Bengal cat when it goes home! This means holding, petting and playing with your Bengal.

Our Bengals are wonderful and we believe they make wonderful pets. Bengal cats and kittens are not disposable, they are a lifetime commitment! Once you are owned by one of these precious animals you will be hooked.

Just be ready for a very active, fun and smart cat.

We feed our cats and kittens a species appropriate diet of RAW chicken. To learn more about the feline diet please check out this website:



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