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At Amazon Bengals, we strive to breed the best of the best,

which includes: Superior quality Bengal coats that are splendidly soft and luxurious. We breed Brown Spotted Bengal Kittens, Silver Spotted Bengal Kittens, Lynx Spotted Bengal Kittens with Dignified, True Exotic appearance and pattern. Our Goal is to produce Striking Beauty, Beautiful Heads Structure, Excellent Health and Outstanding Temperament by being held from the first minutes they are born to the day they go home. Our Goal is to Preserve and Protect the Bengal Breed.

Bengal Cat Breeders in Texas Bengal Breeders in Texas

Bengals are more than just cats with the Leopards look, they are part of our family, and treated like our children.

Our family works together to create a stimulating, loving environment for all our Bengals

Bengals are domestic cats with Exotic looks. The kittens are not cubs like lions or tigers but are domestic kittens. Bengals are no longer hybrid cats there are many falsehoods being spread about Bengal cats by those who we would think are educated and responsible with-in the feline world. There are BENGAL cats who are of the early generation whom are considered “HYBRIDS” but for the most part BENGALS are domesticated NON hybrid cats. Bengals get along with children, dogs and other cats however you must follow what is called the Transition Guidelines for introducing a new BENGAL into your home.

Bengals stop having wild genes past the fourth and fifth generation.”
~ by Dr. William Murphy at Texas A&M University.

Dr. William Murphy is well renowned in his field and has received numerous grants to study both wild and domestic felines.

While some breeders do have cats that are F3 or less in a generation or (Early Generation aka EG’s), a huge majority of breeders have Bengals with long pedigrees that can be traced back many carefully tended generations. This information is intended to educate the public with facts about the Bengal breed as there are many legislative ant-PET rulings in the courthouses in every state trying to ban these animals and labeling them as dangerous, evil, bad-tempered and UN-trainable wild hybrid cats and this is a complete falsehood.

The BENGAL breed is not for everyone. Bengals are very active, intelligent, curious cats. BENGALS need lots of enrichment toys and activities to keep then stimulated.


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